6 Survey Results: Executive Summary
only three library presses do. Only 15 of the respondents (nine libraries and seven institutional presses)
report that they produce materials such as 3D artifacts or artists books.
Distribution and Marketing
This question covered 16 types of distribution and marketing activities that range from market analysis,
advertising, and sales to processing metadata, posting publications online, and digital preservation. The
responses show a much more traditional division of labor between institutional presses and libraries and
much less overlap except in a few activities.
Institutional presses appear to be much more active in areas associated with commercial
activities that increase the visibility of their products—marketing, advertising, and sales—and that reflect
their history in the print environment.
Library and library press activities reflect their focus on the online and open access
environment—creating metadata, submitting files to the institutional repository, assigning permanent
URLs, adding records to the library catalog, etc. Generally, libraries and library presses are more active
that institutional presses in areas of digital preservation and public accessibility, as well.
All three units are active in areas associated with impact, like activities targeting the integration
of publications with research and teaching, public engagement, and outreach activities. These
distinctions and commonalities raise important questions for consideration on how to best align these
types of activities and how to ensure these are supported as appropriate with the ongoing changes to
press and library organizations.
Figure 4: Top Eight Institutional Press Distribution/Marketing Activities
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