47 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
The budget for publishing activities is included in the library operating budget and can’t be separated.
The funds here include the Open Book grant (total award for two years of $78,864 or $39,432/year),
with an added $4,600 as proposed and approved as a first-budget for the LibraryPress@UF in 2016.
Staff salaries and benefits include Open Book Grant for $27,000/year plus a portion of the time for the
Editor-in-Chief of the LibraryPress@UF, a portion of the salaries for the key staff identified earlier in
the libraries, plus the salary for the new hire of the LibraryPress@UF (advertised at $48,500/annually).
These numbers do not include costs for the staffing and expertise from the UF Press.
The materials primarily consist of software, and equipment is mainly computer workstations. We are
contracting out for copyediting and book design.
The publishing activities are a by-product of our IR support activities and so separating out the costs is
next to impossible.
These activities are distributed throughout the Libraries and distinct budgets are not available.
These are all very rough estimates.
These costs are all estimated, particularly contract services, which depend on the number of journals
being produced (our platform provider charges a per journal fee, so contract service costs will increase if
we produce more journals).
This amount is provided via an MOU for the Libraries’ publishing needs. Staff salaries and benefits have
now been “integrated” into central administration.
Unable to provide a breakdown for the dollars spent on equipment and contract services such as AWS,
because we support multiple programs with these and the percentage devoted to library publishing is
both a moving target and deeply intertwined with other programs.
We don’t analyze our budget in this way.
We don’t currently do a lot with OJS, which is what I consider our main publishing (hosting) to be so
can’t really separate out the costs. A significant portion of our digital repository librarian’s time recently
has been on our institutional repository but that focus is shifting to our digital library collections. We
don’t track the costs at the moment by service, the costs are part of general digital initiatives costs. The
software is open source and the equipment is part of our virtual server infrastructure.
We support one online publication that is redesigned every five years or so, not annually. Amount shown
is 1/5 of that periodic cost.
26. Please indicate the sources of funding for the publishing activities provided by the library, the
institutional press, or the library press. Check all that apply. N=55
Source of Funding Library Institutional Press Library press N
Library operating budget 50 3 12 51
Press operating budget 2 4 2 8
Other institutional entity budget 6 2 7
Cost recovery 3 2 7 10
Sales 3 3 5 10
Endowment and other donor funds 14 2 2 17
Grants 12 4 3 17
Other source of funds 2 1 3
Total Respondents 52 5 13 55
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