51 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
We are exploring a potential partnership with the University of Illinois Press for print on demand,
physical distribution, and print sales with their already contracted vendors. We have not established
concrete arrangements yet, but hope to have something in place within a year.
We provide publishing services to ACLS, Lever Press.
31. Does the library, the institutional press, or the library press only publish content developed by
authors affiliated with your institution or do you also solicit/accept content from authors outside
your institution? Check all that apply. N=49
Affiliation Library Institutional Press Library press N
Authors from inside the institution 41 4 12 49
Authors from outside the institution 21 3 11 31
Total Respondents 41 4 13 49
Comments N=17
All works must have a CSU author; they may be co-authored by individuals outside of the institution.
ETDs and faculty scholarship are the primary sources of content.
For a journal to be hosted via OJS, someone from the editorial team must be affiliated with the
university. However, there are no restrictions based on who can publish individual articles within the
journals. For DSpace (referred to as TSpace), they must be affiliated with the University of Toronto. The
content within the Digital Collections portfolio may not have any affiliation with the U of T aside from it
being initiated by a researcher here.
Initial contact is internal (editors, conference organizers), but contributing authors may be external.
Journal content is global, but there must be an editorial connection to York and repository content from
international research groups with York representative.
Journals are open to authors from anywhere, however the editors of those journals recruit content. The
library is not involved.
Online journals hosted by the library must have some editorial connection with campus faculty.
Our mandate via our Mellon grant invites authors from many institutions and the main criteria is that
their research pertains to either African American Studies or is a faculty member at a Humanities
Without Walls consortium institution. The library publishing activities are primarily focused on student
journal publishing.
 Our mission is to support researchers affiliated with our institution. As long as one of
the authors/editors is affiliated with the university, then we will work on the project.
Scholarworks journals must have some affiliation with UMass Amherst but authors need not have
any affiliation.
The LibraryPress@UF is focused on connections within UF, but not exclusive. The library support of
OJS requires a contact at UF for support.
The majority of our publishing supports journals with editors who have an institutional affiliation,
where most of the journal authors are from outside the institution.
There is no library press and the library doesn’t offer official publishing services (for now). The
institutional press does publish content developed by authors from inside and outside the institution.
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