24 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
A/V and multimedia (e.g., documentary films, podcasts) N=17
Adobe Audition
bepress Digital Commons (2 responses)
CONTENTdm, YouTube
DLXS, Fulcrum
DSpace, CONTENTdm, Open Collections
Final Cut Pro
Library website
LibSyn (mp3) for podcasts; Institutional repository for films
Samvera, Drupal, WordPress
SoundBeat (iTunes, WordPress)
Streaming server and in-house-built web site
UF Digital Collections; utilizing SobekCM Open Source Software
Variety of tools
Open access journals N=45
bepress Digital Commons (12 responses)
bepress; OJS; WordPress
CU Scholar - institutional repository (Digital Commons)
Digital Commons repository platform (Scholar Works)
DLXS, Fulcrum
DSpace (3 responses)
Institutional repository (bepress’ Digital Commons)
Open Journal Systems (OJS) (19 responses)
OJS (though we will be moving to a new platform in FY17–18
OJS and UF Digital Collections; utilizing SobekCM Open Source Software
OJS, DSpace
Open Journal Systems, DSpace
The library facilitates one OJS journal, not as a routine service. The GWS Librarian’s Office makes their
issues available using a combination of the IR platform (currently DSpace migrating to Fedora) and the
library website infrastructure which uses WordPress
Subscription journals N=14
bepress Digital Commons (2 responses)
Open Journal Systems (OJS) (10 responses)
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