39 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
Comments N=9
4-ish “full” people--comprising %s of 8 of us.
A few librarians and other professionals
All “library press/imprint” activities are handled by the Espresso Book Machine Coordinator. Other
activities, such as the production of the Turfgrass Information File (the primary index for this
discipline), are handled by the Digital Information Division.
Limited answers to people just in the department for library publishing and not including their support
from individuals across the libraries.
Other staff is one or two students.
The librarians engaged in the library publishing department itself are a Scholarly Communication and
Publishing Librarian, Copyright Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Instruction Liaison Librarian. The
technical specialists include the Digital Publishing Specialist and Research Programmer for Scholarly
Communication and Publishing.
The Libraries are currently hiring for the LibraryPress@UF Coordinator. The other staffing for the
LibraryPress@UF is represented in the staffing for the libraries overall, and are complemented by the
staffing and expertise in the UF Press. The LibraryPress@UF is also collaborating with the UF Press on
a Mellon Open Book grant, for which several people from the press are included. This is a time-limited
endeavor, and the 1 person hired on the grant funds reports to the press. For the purposes of sharing
information on collaboration, the person is included here.
These are headcounts FTE numbers are much smaller.
This category includes the work coming out of the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office and
involves a portion of the time of one librarian and one support staff person and a significant portion of
time from two editorial professionals.
20. Please indicate which categories of staff are engaged in each type of publishing activity provided
by the library, the institutional press, or the library press. Check all that apply. N=46
Activity Librarian Other
Other staff
Project development 33 21 6 40
Design 9 19 8 27
Editorial 15 14 5 26
Distribution 17 13 8 1 24
Image and permissions clearance 14 6 4 2 20
Marketing 14 13 8 20
Material production 8 7 8 2 18
Printing and binding management 4 7 6 15
Total Respondents 42 27 20 4 46
Comments N=12
All editorial responsibilities fell on the shoulders of our faculty editors. We here in the library provided
initial setup, configuration, and training.
Distribution and marketing through Scholar Works is by search engines.
Instructional designers could be involved in some of our OER projects.
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