20 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
The institution needed different publishing services, such as working with student publications,
bibliographies, and interactive/digital media publication opportunities.
To demonstrate there is a market for scholarly, peer-reviewed open access monographs, and that the
library can effect positive changes in scholarly publishing.
We believed in supporting publications that desired to operate within an open access framework. We
also wanted to make sure that we could assist our faculty in providing affordable content options to
their students.
We had a faculty member in our School of Education who wanted to create two open access journals.
These were new journals not really viable from a university press perspective, but something the library
was able to step in and support. This is a good model. The press publishes financially viable publications;
the library publishes works that may not be financially viable, yet still of scholarly importance and value.
We received a 4-year grant award from Mellon Foundation to explore the development of library-based
publishing. This has supported our initial work and provided seed funding for key publishing staff.
If you selected “Other motivation” for library and press collaboration above, please briefly
describe it. N=4
New opportunities in the digital age for digital scholarship and/as public scholarship. New opportunities
for planning, testing, and developing publication/distribution with new manufacturing techniques for
POD, 3D printing, etc.
Promote open access to a portion of the institutional press’s publications.
Redundancies (excess costs) were cropping up, in the Libraries press, and more abundant capacity/
expertise existed in the institutional press.
University saw an opportunity for administrative efficiencies.
Below are seven categories of publishing activities. For each set of activities, please identify which are
provided at your institution and whether they are provided by the library, the institutional press, or the
library press.
6. Please indicate whether the library, the institutional press, or the library press provides any of the
following project development activities. Check all that apply. N=52
Activity Library
Institutional press Library press N
Project planning and management 29 30 8 42
Peer review 4 36 7 42
Facilitation of editorial board activities 6 34 6 39
Service on scholarly advisory and editorial boards 17 27 4 35
Developmental editing 5 29 1 30
Grant preparation (writing and review) 19 19 1 28
Total Respondents 40 38 10 52
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