41 SPEC Kit 357: Libraries, Presses, and Publishing
presentations and activities relevant to their interests and scholarly agenda. Public speaking skills and
knowledge of open access, data curation, copyright, repository systems, metadata, and the organizational
structure of research universities are required.
The digital services librarian’s job assignment is 50% publishing activities. This person already had the
graduate degree in library/information science when he/she was hired.
The Director of Scholarly Communication/Head Dewey Graduate Library position requires a graduate
degree in library/information science.
The four librarians noted above all hold positions for which the MLS is required. Three of the four
are managing people who work on digital projects and build the institutional repository. The fourth
performs higher-level duties associated with building and managing the institutional repository.
The librarian responsible for the IR provides direction to the library staff involved and oversight of
the repository.
The position is a tenure track position and thus the librarian must have an MLIS.
Two outreach specialists have such a degree as a preferred requirement (or equivalent/other graduate
degree/combination of education/experience).
Additional comments N=5
Most of the professional staff have an MLS and some have PhDs.
No, but it is desired in most jobs in this area in our library
No, but most of the staff do have LIS degrees.
The library degree is required for some of the positions, but not related to the publishing work they do.
The MLS is required for some positions, but not for each position. In some cases, other professional
experience or education may substitute for the MLS.
22. Has the library created any new staff positions or substantively reconfigured any existing
positions to provide publishing services? N=60
Yes, created new position(s) 25 42%
Yes, reconfigured existing position(s) 25 42%
Not yet, but we plan to reconfigure existing position(s) 5 8%
Not yet, but we plan to create new position(s) 2 3%
No 16 27%
If yes or you plan to, please briefly describe the new skills and/or responsibilities that were needed
and caused these actions. N=34
Created New Position(s) N=12
Desire to organize library support for scholarly communications under one umbrella and to act as a
bridge between the press and library around publishing and digital scholarship opportunities.
Hired two digital publishing specialists in FY2016–17. These positions will be responsible for day-to-day
managing of publishing activities for journals, books, OERs, and digital projects.
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