58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
are about to launch an institutional repository, I’ve been invited to discuss a variety of scholarly publishing issues
related to the IR.
The requests for assistance are not at all overwhelming most authors seem to be dealing with this just fine. It’s
great to offer the service to help and faculty are so grateful for a name, phone number, and e-mail at Rice that they
can contact.
The services we offered when the policy was announced seem effective. The library continues to be viewed as a
support mechanism for PAP compliance and contacted for assistance with progress reports.
The UBC Library’s role in scholarly communications and helping authors comply with PAPs has been investigated
through two exploratory projects which are now complete: Scholarly Communications Institutional Repository.
Exactly how scholarly communications and related matters will be operationalized is to be determined.
There are faculty who are opposed to open access/public access and getting them to change their attitudes (or at
least consider a more flexible attitude) would be helpful. Publishers’ policies are also often difficult to interpret.
This past year, the PubMed Central manuscript submission has been an evolving process. Aspects of the submission
changed between every presentation to an audience. The fluidity of the process led to some confusion and
frustration for the authors.
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