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Other Organizational Structure
As ‘Special Advisor/Liaison to the General Counsel’ I provide workshops and individualized review for faculty and
administrators on issues of copyright, open access, compliance.
In the Digital Programs and Technology Services (DPTS) division, there are a variety of ways in which authors’
compliance with PAPs is supported. The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship runs a Scholarly
Communication Program that works to educate faculty on the requirements of PAPs. The information pages on
the NIH Public Access Policy that appear on the Scholarly Communication Program Web site, and outreach that
was done around the NIH’s policy when it was first enacted, were coordinated by an ad hoc committee with
representatives from the Main and Health Science Libraries, the Office of Research, and the General Counsel’s
Office. The Copyright Advisory Office, also part of DPTS, educates faculty on complying with PAPs and provides
assistance with questions about PAP requirements and publishing contracts. Individual librarians are also a conduit
of information.
Individual PAP Activities Coordinator
6. Please provide the following information about the individual PAP activities coordinator: position
title and approximate percentage of time devoted to PAP activities. N=7
Assistant Director of Digital &Branch Libraries 10%
Coordinator of Scholarly Communication
Evelyn Schneider Endowed Chair of Scholarly Communication 10%
Head of Scholar Services 5%
Liaison Coordinator, Medical Library 5%
Scholarly Communication Librarian 2%
Scholarly Communications Specialist 35%
7. For which of the following PAP activities is the individual coordinator responsible? Check all that
apply. N=7
Monitors PAP developments on the local/regional/national/international level 6 86%
Develops resources/programs to expand awareness of PAPs 6 86%
Develops/coordinates services to help authors and/or their support staff comply with PAPs 6 86%
Consults with authors and/or their support staff on PAP compliance needs 5 71%
Provides mediated deposit for authors 3 43%
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