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24. If one-on-one consultations are offered, please provide the following information for 2008:
number of consultations, three most asked questions. N=30
Consultations Three Most Asked Questions: Comments About Consultations
2 Will the publisher allow me to deposit into
PubMedCentral? Do I need to do anything
Consultations are often generally around copyright
transfer I tend to ask questions about the NIH mandate
during that discussion.
2 Mostly needed to point authors to NIH tutorials and FAQs
4 How do I find out the PMC ID number for
my article? Why can’t I deposit the final
published article? Why is NIH doing this?
4 1. Who is responsible for making sure this
gets done? Closely related question: Can
we assign a staff member to process all of
these requirements? 2. What about past
publications? Closely related: If I want to
upload past publications, even though not
required under the law, what do I have to
do to clear the rights? 3. How can I make
sure that my agreement with the publisher
allows me to make the PMC deposit?
4 1. Does PAP apply retroactively?
2. Did I submit correctly?
3. Do I need to submit this article?
Two were easy two required research, but all were
successfully resolved.
5 How do I get my PMC ID? Does the
publisher submit my article to PubMed
Central or do I have to do it? What do I
submit and in what format?
One of the most frustrating issues that authors are dealing
with is that they submit their manuscripts (or I submit for
them) to NIHMS and there is a long turn-around period
before it’s entered into PubMed Central. The PIs only have
their NIHMS reference number to use in their reports to
NIH, but the program officers keep pushing for the PMC
ID it’s a catch 22!
6 How do I submit my paper to NIH? What
are the open access policies of X publisher?
They work well and the faculty appreciate the effort that
we make to help them.
7 Publisher policies related to compliance.
10 How and where to submit final peer-
reviewed papers funded by NIH.
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