SPEC Kit 311: Public Access Policies · 37
Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3
Web sites Individual consultations Presentations to groups (not canned)
Web site Presentations
Web site about the NIH Public Access
Instructional sessions/training:
presentations and classes about the
policy and how to comply with it.
Personal contact
Web site Flowchart for Compliance Presentations
Web site on NIH Public Access policy.
Also briefly discusses copyright retention.
Web site with links to external resources Brochures Publishers policies
Web site with PAP information Listing of Journal Publisher Policies Individual Support
Web site with PAP information Web site with links to external resources
Web site with PAP information. One-on-one discussion between subject/
reference librarian and affected faculty.
Departmental presentations.
Workshops Web site Individualized counseling
Services to Support Author Compliance with PAPs
Please tell us about the services the library provides to help authors and/or their support staff comply
with PAPs.
21. Does your institution currently provide a digital repository that fulfills the deposit requirements of
a PAP? N=51
Yes 27 53%
No 24 47%
If yes, does the library manage the repository?
Yes 23 85%
No 4 15%
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