SPEC Kit 311: Public Access Policies · 39
Services to Support Author Compliance with PAPs, cont.
23. If classes/workshops/presentations are offered, please provide the following information for 2008:
number of sessions offered, number of participants. N=30
Sessions Offered Participants Comments
1 40 We only held one session that was only on public access policies, and it was
specific to the NIH policy. We’ve held other sessions (at least four) about author
rights issues that touch on public access policies.
1 4
1 20
2 40 These have been presentations by a member of the National Network of Libraries
of Medicine
2 75
2 130
3 120
3 ~70 total The workshops were a collaboration between the Health Sciences Library,
Main Library, and the Office of Research. We attended prescheduled meetings
of different groups and made a short presentation. Though some researchers
were enthusiastic about the policy, there was a lot of grumbling about the extra
administrative headache compliance would entail.
3 10 Turn out was not large as expected. However, the classes may have been offered
too soon for faculty to worry about NIH Policies. There is more concern now and I
expect the faculty turnout would be much higher.
3 160
3 60
4 48
4 212 OSP/OGCA staff/ School of Medicine Research Administrators Open sessions (2) in
research bldg &in SPH
4 35 Presentations and workshops mostly aimed at graduate students, but have some
faculty participation
5 50
6 123
6 91
6 160 People want to comply, but feel overwhelmed by unfunded mandates.
6 hundreds
9 58 32 evaluations were filled out (we didn’t do them for the first class). 27/32 (84%)
said the class was valuable for their job. 4/32 (13%) didn’t indicate whether is was
valuable or not. 1/32 (3%) said the class was not applicable to their job.
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