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Public Access Policies Supported
4. For which public access policy(ies) does this library provide resources and/or services? Check all that
apply. N=51
National Institutes of Health 48 94%
Institutional policy 10 20%
Wellcome Trust 6 12%
Howard Hughes Medical Institute 5 10%
Canadian Institutes of Health Research 4 8%
Regional/state policy 1 2%
Other policy(ies) 7 14%
Please identify other policy(ies).
Autism Speaks.
Columbia Libraries/Information Services’ (CUL/IS) Scholarly Communication Program Web site has information
specific to the NIH Public Access Policy. Another page on PAPs in general will be launched this spring. And the CUL/
IS Copyright Advisory Office can address questions individual researchers have about other PAPs.
General policies to which Canadian funding agencies are working.
Institutional guidelines voted on by the Faculty Senate in May 2007.
The JHU Scholarly Communications Group has drafted a proposal for consideration by the Council of Deans under
the auspices of the Dean of Libraries and the Vice Provost for Research. The proposal calls for faculty to archive their
scholarship in our IR, JScholarship.
Tri-Council agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council of Canada (NSERC) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Library’s role: referral,
facilitator, educational (Scholarly Communications) Librarys role: institutional repository: consultations, referrals,
We have a special program, the Open Publishing Support Fund, that supports open access in general, including
public access policies.
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