28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
14. Does the ad hoc committee/team collaborate on PAP activities with other departments or units
within the institution (such as the Office of Research, the Office of Grants and Contracts, or the
Office of General Counsel)? N=4
Yes 3 75%
No 1 25%
If yes, please list the department(s) or unit(s) and comment on the type of activities and the roles
of the library and other department or unit. N=3
Department/Unit Type of Activity
Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of General Counsel Serve as a resource with the Office of Sponsored Programs.
Office of the VP for Research. External legal counsel were
consulted to develop an addenda that could be used by
authors to ensure that their publishing contracts comply with
NIH policy. Worked collaboratively with Office of Research
The University Libraries took the lead on developing
information resources, creation of a Web site, and training
(both one on one and groups). The Office of VP for Research
undertook overall communication and compliance efforts
with researchers.
Office of Research Services ORS: provides library with information about grant holders.
Library: will ensure authors’ works are deposited in cIRcle
(the library’s IR) in planning stage.
Combination of Individuals and/or Groups Coordinate PAP Activities
15. Please indicate which of the following individuals and/or groups has responsibility for coordinating
and/or planning the library’s PAP compliance support activities. Check all that apply. N=25
A single individual working as a PAP activities coordinator 12 48%
Each librarian who works with authors who are subject to PAP compliance 11 44%
A standing committee(s)/team(s) that is charged with coordinating PAP activities 9 36%
An ad hoc committee that is charged with coordinating PAP activities 6 24%
Other individual or group 10 40%
Please describe other individual or group.
An ad hoc group (no charge) with members from main library and health library provided campus presentations
to introduce the NIH PAP, demonstrated the submission process via available tutorials, and answered follow up
questions about PMC IDs, compliance, etc., via e-mail or phone or office visit.
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