SPEC Kit 311: Public Access Policies · 45
Consultations Three Most Asked Questions: Comments About Consultations
After learning more about open access
and existing public access policies, we are
asked: What can I do in my field to foster
the open access movement? A related
questions is: How do I get started with
keeping my rights so that I can publicly post
my materials? After we show them DOAJ,
faculty are generally impressed with what is
available in their respective fields. If nothing
or very little, the next question generally is:
How do I go about starting an electronic
journal in my field?
We share author addenda and templates for letters when
we meet with faculty and graduate students. We also take
that opportunity to share with them all the services that
the digital repository has to offer.
How do I comply? Does the journal
automatically deposit? What’s the
publisher’s policy? How do I upload?
25. Of the services provided, identify up to three that appear to be the most effective for helping
authors and/or their support staff comply with PAPs. N=44
Service 1 Service 2 Service 3
Actually doing it Copyright
An expert who can answer questions
and guide them through the process
A Web site that includes publisher’s
Presentations at departmental meeting
that help faculty and administrative
staff understand the background for
PAP and how to comply
Classes and workshops One-on-one consultations Deposit assistance
Consultation Repository submission Workshops/presentations
Consultations Web resources Brochures
Consultations/answering questions/
providing reassurance about the NIH
We taught several classes near the time
the NIH PAP went into effect, and these
were well attended.
Database of compliance information Online FAQ and tutorials Presentations and coaching
Deposit in PubMed Central on behalf
of authors
One-on-one consultations Workshops
E-mail One-to-one consultation Web site
E-mail and phone number of person to
contact with any questions
Review author agreements to confirm
who should submit the article to
PubMed Central (or NIHMS)
Submission into NIHMS on behalf of
the author
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