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CISTI is the library of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). NRC has about 20 institutes. The activities are
coordinated centrally and there are representatives at each institute.
Health Sciences Library director.
Libraries Administration.
Library assistant to help with submissions.
Medical Center Librarian and Scholarly Communications Officer coordinate compliance support together.
Office of Research Services.
One of our Science Librarians provides promotion and leads this on an ad hoc basis (also a member of the scholarly
communications committee). The digital Initiatives Librarian (also a member of that committee) and her support
staff. The Associate University Librarian has set up a fund within the budget to subsidize author fees.
There is a ScholarWorks Team that works together on these topics. Also, several of the library liaisons (Liaisons
Council) are starting to monitor developments in their specific subject areas.
Three librarians in consultation with the Office of Research.
16. Please indicate for which of the following PAP activities each participant is responsible. Check all
that apply. N=25
N Individual
Ad hoc
Individual or
Monitors PAP developments
on the local/regional/national/
international level
24 12 7 7 3 7
Develops resources/programs to
expand awareness of PAPs
24 11 6 9 4 9
Consults with authors and/
or their support staff on PAP
compliance needs
22 10 10 2 1 8
Develops/coordinates services to
help authors and/or their support
staff comply with PAPs
21 10 7 6 3 7
Provides mediated deposit for
14 3 3 3 2 5
Coordinates library staff PAP
training activities
19 11 1 6 1 4
Other activity 7 2 1 1 1 3
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