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Other Organizational Structure to Coordinate PAP Activities
18. Please briefly describe the organizational structure to coordinate/plan PAP activities in this library.
One person show.
School of Medicine Librarian worked with Office of Research -Sponsored Awards Management to coordinate info
on NIH Policy and produced a Web page. Additional librarian provides one-on-one support as requested.
Several units within the Digital Programs and Technology Services (DPTS) arm manage PAP activities. The Associate
Vice President for DPTS coordinates these activities with Center for Digital Research and Scholarship and Copyright
Advisory Office staff. The Scholarly Communication Program advisory board, made up of the AVP for DPTS as well as
the directors of the Copyright Advisory Office and Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, the Assistant Director
for Collection Development, and the Head of Reference and Education Coordinator at the Health Sciences Library,
also maps out plans for PAP education. Library subject specialists are often asked to advise the staff mentioned
above on how to best catch the attention of faculty.
The Library’s Scholarly Communication Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating and/or planning as
noted. The Associate University Librarian is responsible for collection management and scholarly communication
and chairs the Scholarly Communication Steering Committee.
The UC-wide eScholarship program and a consortium of campus library representatives for scholarly
Resources to Support Author Compliance with PAPs
Please tell us about the resources the library provides to help authors and/or their support staff
comply with PAPs.
19. Please indicate which of the following resources the library provides. Check all that apply. N=51
Web site with PAP information 46 90%
Web site with links to external resources 45 88%
Copyright addendum to help authors retain the right to comply 44 86%
Presentations (e.g., canned PowerPoint presentations, Breeze tutorials) 29 57%
Listing of journal publisher policies 19 37%
Sample letters to publishers (e.g., explaining the NIH Public Access Policy) 18 35%
FAQs 17 33%
Blogs 13 25%
Brochures or Pamphlets 13 25%
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