42 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Consultations Three Most Asked Questions: Comments About Consultations
10 How do I get my PMC ID number? Will my
publisher deposit for me? How do I deposit
my manuscript in X journal?
Thank you very much. hank you so much, you saved
me a lot of time. Thank you for pointing me in the right
10 1. Why is NIH doing this? 2. How can I
verify compliance? 3. Can our repository
coordinate with PubMed?
10 1. How do I know what the publisher’s
policy is for manuscript submission? 2.
Questions about paid open access offered
from the publisher. 3. Use of PMC ID versus
PM ID for non-competitive renewal annual
After the initial hands-on mediated deposit of a
manuscript demonstration, the authors rarely need more
10 1. What elements of my contract can I
negotiate? 2. What should I do if the
publisher will not negotiate? 3. May I used
the content in class or create derivative
Most of the questions I’ve received have been in the
context of publisher contracts and intellectual property
rights in general, rather than directly related to the NIH
12 I submitted the manuscript before the NIH
Public Access mandate became law, but it
wasn’t accepted until after April 7, 2008.
I did not ask for permission to submit the
manuscript to PubMed Central myself. Can
I still submit it? I have been submitting
articles to the same publishers for years but
I have no idea if they comply with the NIH
Public Access mandate. Can you check the
policies of these [12 or 20 or ...]publishers
for me? My NIH progress reports have
been rejected because of the format of my
bibliographic citations. Can you help me fix
Very effective, and very much appreciated by the PI.
12 Does this (NIH) policy apply to this article?
12 How long will it take? Are other funding
agencies (besides NIH) considering a PAP?
How do I get the IDs I need to use the NIH
submission system?
12 See Web site
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