32 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Department/Unit Type of Activity
Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) SPA is the university system-wide office authorized to
submit research proposals and receive awards from external
sources on behalf of the Board of Regents. SPA is also the
fiduciary for the university on grant-related matters. They
have coordinated with the libraries on providing help and
Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (university level)
Office of Research Compliance (university level) Office of
Research Administration (School of Medicine level) Office of
the General Counsel (university level)
Drafted letter from the Provost and the VP of Research for
authors to send to publishers along with their manuscripts
stating that the university complies with the NIH Public
Access mandate and requesting that the publisher deposit
the published article or manuscript in PubMed Central in
compliance with the policy, or grant the author the right
to deposit the manuscript. Notification of presentations,
workshops, and training sessions distributed electronically to
the entire university research community.
Office of Sponsored Projects, Counsel’s Office, Purchasing/
Licensing, Department of Information Technology
Office of Sponsored Research, the Texas Academy of
Medicine, Texas Medical Center Library (HAM-TMC)
Sponsored Research lists the link to the library’s webpage for
assistance with NIH compliance as well as links to NIH’s Web
site and policies. Rice and HAM-TMC library have an ad hoc
committee for scholarly communications we’ve sponsored
talks by NIH compliance folks to the faculty of Rice and the
Houston Medical Center colleges.
Office of the General Counsel, Research Compliance General Counsel reviewed Author Addendum. Research
Compliance monitors and educates concerning mainly NIH
and federal funding mandates.
Office of the Vice President for Research, Division of Research
Development and Administration
We have collaborated with OVPR and DRDA on outreach and
awareness raising activities to inform NIH Grantees about
their new deposit obligations. That is the only role OVPR
and DRDA have had in supporting compliance, and those
activities only happened shortly after the policy became law.
Office of Vice President for Research We worked together to write an e-mail telling all faculty of
the new NIH policy. The e-mail came from the OVPR office
and referred to the library for questions.
Research Administration Planned for 2009: conduct a survey to check compliance
University Copyright Office, Office of Research
VP for Research, Sponsored Projects, Research Compliance,
College of Medicine
Access to listserves, slot at orientation sessions, other
publicity opportunities.
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