56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
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There was a certain reluctance on the
part of many NIH grantees to comply
with the NIH PAP. They didn’t see what
they would get out of it and saw it as a
lot of work for nothing. Luckily, after we
actually showed them the process, they
seemed to understand that it was just
another step in publishing, and not all
that difficult.
There was a mistaken belief among
some people that, because the Library
was offering assistance in complying
with the NIH PAP, that it was all our
idea our fault! Education about
the NIH PAP, including possible
ramifications from NIH if they didn’t
comply, solved this problem.
There’s a presumption here that authors
are the ones doing this compliance
work. They’re not it’s their assistants,
grad students, research supporters, etc.
Those positions turn over!
Publishers who don’t yet know about
the policy.
Trying to confirm whether or not a
journal submits the article directly to
PubMed Central. When it’s ambiguous
I call AND e-mail the journal to get
Trying to get the PMC ID after it’s been
submitted to NIHMS. I’ve confirmed
with NIH and PubMed Central that the
program officer should be accepting
the NIHMS ID and let the PI know the
responses I get back.
Getting the word out that we’ll submit
an article on the author’s behalf. We try
to get the information out whenever an
opportunity presents itself.
Uncertainty about a journal’s automatic
upload policy e-mailed the journal
editor and publisher but there was no
Determining the license agreement the
author signed. Author tried going into
the manuscript site for the journal to
see if there was a copy of the license,
but wasn’t able to find it.
Variety of publishers’ copyright policies. Restrictions of publishers’ copyright
Existing copyright policies take
precedence over open access
We actually don’t have a lot of people
asking us about the NIH mandate so
a challenge is reaching out to faculty
to make them aware of the mandate,
more than helping them comply.
We don’t have the time to personally
assist authors. We just provide
information via the Web site for
information on this subject.
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