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Department/Unit Services and/or Resources Provided
Office of the Vice-President for Research The goal of the research area is to foster the growth and development of
the university’s research programs and facilitate the university’s role as
the principal research institution in the state’s system of postsecondary
education. The Office of the Vice President for Research leads efforts to
strengthen, expand, and develop programs throughout the university. The
Vice President provides oversight for multidisciplinary research centers and
institutes and research support units and program assistance to individual
faculty and academic research units. The Vice President is the institutional
officer responsible for university adherence to governmental regulations
relating to the conduct of research. Reporting to the Vice President are the
offices of Administrative and Fiscal Affairs; Federal Relations; Research
Communications/Odyssey; and Research Information Services. The
university’s Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (which reports
to the Vice-President for Research) responds to questions from faculty
and researchers regarding public access policies. The university Office of
Legal Counsel also provides support to faculty and researchers concerning
language in publication/copyright transfer agreements.
Vice President for Research, Office of Research
If you answered yes above or if planning for such resources and/or services is in process, please
complete the survey. N=51
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Library that Provides PAP Compliance Resources and/or Services
2. Please indicate which type(s) of library(ies) provide PAP compliance resources and/or services.
Check all that apply. N=51
Main campus library 39 76%
Library supporting the health professions (Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy,
Optometry, etc.) 33 65%
One or more science libraries OTHER than those supporting the health professions 20 39%
Other type of library 6 12%
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