38 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
22. Please indicate which of the following services the library provides. Check all that apply. N=47
One-on-one consultation with authors and/or staff (e.g., about deposit
procedures, author rights, etc.) 43 91%
Classes/workshops/presentations on compliance for authors and/or staff 34 72%
Review copyright agreement forms 28 60%
Third party submissions to institutional repository on behalf of authors 22 47%
Contact publishers on behalf of authors (e.g., explain institutional policies,
clarification on submission status) 18 38%
Third party submissions to central repository on behalf of authors 13 28%
Online tutorials on how to comply with PAPs 4 9%
Other service(s) 10 21%
Please describe other service(s).
Check publishers’ authors guidelines to determine if the publisher automatically complies with the NIH Public
Access mandate, and/or will grant the author permission to deposit a manuscript.
E-mail question box.
Grant applications.
Librarians regularly review of copyright agreement forms.
Locate journal policies, provide a listing of journals that allow for NIH-funded authors to comply customized
presentations to departments, divisions or programs review of citations to be included in a proposal, progress
report or application to confirm that documentation of compliance is noted for applicable citations contact
publishers for permission to comply retroactively to name a few.
Systemwide eScholarship repository that faculty may deposit into to meet public access requirements.
The Scholarly Communication Steering Committee assists faculty with copyright questions and use of the
eScholarship Repository. Within the University of California, each campus library has an eScholarship liaison who
can provide more information on eScholarship activities. Finally, the Copyright, Publishing and Intellectual Property
Web site includes up-to-date resources that provide information about and assistance with intellectual property
issues involved in publishing, teaching, and research.
The university has an institutional repository but depositing papers in it does not fulfill PAP requirements.
These activities are on a very limited basis.
Web site on what funders require contact funder on behalf of author (ask questions of NIH).
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