44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Consultations Three Most Asked Questions: Comments About Consultations
120 1. How do I know if I have the copyright
in my article? 2. Do I have to deposit this
article in PMC? 3. What is the difference
between the final author manuscript and
the publisher PDF?
A large portion of these consultations are with support
staff who will handle deposit for many faculty members
in a department. Some of these staff choose to use the
Library’s deposit service and some will handle deposit
n/a What do these options in the ACS
agreement for NIH funded authors mean
and which one should I choose? Isn’t my
publisher taking care of this for me? Does
this agreement cover me in relation to the
NIH policy?
Many authors do not consult because they believe their
publishers are taking care of this for them.
NA We used a train the trainer approach to train one person
in each of the libraries that might be impacted by the
policy to field NIH Public Access Policy questions (i.e.,
Science &Engineering Library, etc.)
U/A Is there Library support for Author fees?
What are the eligible journals for open
unknown How quickly can you negotiate use of the
NRC Licence to Publish form with publisher
X? I’m being asked to sign the publisher’s
Licence to Publish form, which doesn’t
allow for retaining the same list of rights as
the NRC Licence to Publish form. Can I sign
it or can I submit both forms?
1. Does this really apply to me? 2. What
will happen if I don’t do it? 3. Why is the
library making me do this?
We did consultations, but didn’t keep track of the number.
Copyright technical issues No statistics kept
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