46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Service 1 Service 2 Service 3
Explanation of PAPs Application of PAPs to individual author
FAQ Personal consultation Author Addenda
FAQ on copyright and author’s rights Links for Open Access sites
FAQ on the intranet Intranet site with information about the
NRC Licence to Publish form and the
NRC mandate
Numerous presentations to directors,
managers and authors
Having the informational Web site tied
to Research and Graduate Studies,
where PIs are accustomed to going
for information about research/grant
Providing a person to read/interpret
publication agreements for authors/PIs
Individual consultations Contact publishers on behalf of authors Contact funder (NIH) on behalf of
Individual consultations Organized up-to-date information on
Web sites
Availability of 3rd party submission
service although it isn’t actually
requested that often.
Links to online tutorials Web resources Presentations to the research
Individual consultations
Listserv for individual questions NIH workshops that were jointly
sponsored by the Libraries and the
Office of Research
The Libraries’ NIH Guide
Local Web site Online addendum information Providing information, directing authors
to resources
One-on-one consultation to either
education or resolve problems
Not a service, but the fact that the
libraries are working together with
the Sponsored Projects Administration
office gives the libraries more exposure
and thus ensures that authors will talk
to librarians rather than trying to go it
One-on-one consultations
One-on-one consultations tailored to a
specific request
One-on-one consulting Presentations
One-on-one interactions
One-on-one Publishing SMART class Web site
One-on-one consultations
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