20 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Please identify other type of library.
All branch libraries provide advice. Library Technology Service includes one person responsible for e-scholarship@
mcgill and advice is provided by this person.
All subject librarians who have researchers with NIH or HHMI funding.
Project Manager, Institutional Repository Project Manager, Scholarly Communications. Projects are in process of
being operationalized. Contact: Associate University Librarian, Collections &Scholarly Communications.
The university has thirteen libraries. They each provide different a level of service in the above area.
Services to help faculty and students with copyright, publishing and intellectual property questions/issues are
provided by liaison librarians and others throughout our multi-branch system. See http://www.library.ucla.edu/
service/9846.cfm for the gateway to information about these services.
The Science Library provides support for all sciences, including the health professions (Nursing, Public Health,
3. If more than one library provides PAP compliance resources and/or services, do they all follow the
same strategy/provide the same resources and/or services? N=40
Yes 30 75%
No 10 25%
If No, please select one of the libraries and complete the survey based on that library’s activities.
Please indicate for which type of library you are responding. N=10
Main campus library 5 50%
Library supporting the health professions (Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy,
Optometry, etc.) 2 20%
Science library OTHER than those supporting the health professions 1 10%
Other type of library 2 20%
Please identify other type of library.
Libraries Administration.
Projects: Institutional Repository Scholarly Communications. Associate University Librarian, Collections &Scholarly
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