36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3
Informational Web site Presentation to faculty
Libguide on the NIH submission process
linked from library’s webpage
Links to external resources Word of mouth
Listserv for individual questions Web site with links to external resources Sample letters
NIH PAP webpage Special Health Sciences Library
newsletter issue (reprinted)
Library webpage links to external NIH
Office of Research Services grant
Individual librarian consultations Faculty newsletter
One-on-one contacts with authors Presentation to administrative assistants Web site
One-on-one meetings Publishing SMART class Web site with PAP information
Personal interaction with individuals
Presentations Publishers policies Web site
Presentations and workshops Liaison librarians’ referrals, information
Individual communications by IR
Coordinator and Project Manager,
Scholarly Communications, with authors
Presentations to directors, managers,
and authors
FAQ Negotiations with publishers on behalf
of all NRC authors
Providing a copyright addendum
along with sample letter to publishers.
We consider that to be one resource
Presentations to faculty groups Providing the LibGuide with relevant
information all in one place
Reference Manager handout EndNote handout Department-specific in-person
presentations supported with
PowerPoint slides
Referrals from office of research to the
SPARC’s brochure: Author Rights SPARC’s brochure: Right to Research Various printouts on NIH mandate
The flow chart Presentations and workshops
Web form for authors to list journals
under consideration for placing article
and library investigates publisher policy
and advises author
Reminders sent to PI listserv
Web site Links Blog
Web site Sample letter Legal consultant
Web site
Web site with information about the NIH
Presentation on author rights that talks
about the NIH policy
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