52 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Fear of complexity of copyright
issues. Being addressed by ongoing
educational program.
Maintaining awareness that author or
PI must review final PMC version of
articles and approve them. Working on
getting notice to appropriate offices to
remind authors of this obligation.
Getting small (or large) publishers to
declare what their policy is.
Getting SPARC to rethink their
interpretation of the copyright side
of the mandate. They have been
too cautious and too reliant on the
Scientific Commons brain trust.
It’s hard to describe submitting a paper
to repository like PubMed Central
unless you have gone through the
process yourself.
Convincing an author to use an author
addendum form because of fear that
an article won’t be accepted by a
Authors are challenged to come up
with fees to publish in open access
Knowledge increase information on
Web site.
Consultation Make it clear which
services the library can offer and which
services the library cannot realistically
Lack of clarity in funder instructions
contact funder.
Lack of clarity in publisher agreement
contact publisher.
Sense that publishers are taking care
of all of it contact authors who receive
compliance messages from NIH.
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