SPEC Kit 311: Public Access Policies · 49
Legislative newsletters 10 20%
Other resource(s) 12 24%
Please describe other resource(s).
Committees of national organizations
Communication with other librarians who handle PAP matters. NIH staff members
E-mail lists: SPARC IR
I am a copyright attorney.
Libraries have their own copyright attorney.
Networking with other Scholarly Communication librarians
Newsletters of professional library organizations
NIH newsletter. Library organizations particularly AAHSL
Sherpa/Romeo list of compliance/non-compliance by publishers to PAP
SPARC announcements. Conference update sessions (MLA)
Various e-updates. SPARC and CARL documents
Webcasts from other institutions
27. Are there resources that are not currently available that library staff would find useful to help
them stay current on PAP developments? (For example, professional development opportunities,
training materials, shared online resources, publications, etc.) N=41
Yes 14 34%
No 27 66%
If yes, please describe the type of resource(s) that library staff would find useful to help them stay
current on PAP developments.
A restricted e-mail listserv devoted solely for librarians and administrators who are charged with providing NIH
Public Access Policy education/support to authors at their institution, with at least one member from NIH to answer
questions related to the policy.
All of the above.
It would be nice it there was a newsletter or site that concentrated specifically on these policies. Once in a while
someone compiles an overview of the status of PAPs in a form that is more easily digestible than SHERPA/Juliet
(i.e., Peter Suber’s end-of-year summary of 2008 open-access developments), but something that came out, say,
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