26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
11. Does the standing committee/team collaborate on PAP activities with other departments or units
within the institution (such as the Office of Research, the Office of Grants and Contracts, or the
Office of General Counsel)? N=7
Yes 7 100%
If yes, please list the department(s) or unit(s) and comment on the type of activities and the roles
of the library and other department or unit.
Department/Unit Type of Activity
Office of Research Identification of grants that have open access contingencies.
Office of Research, Office of the General Counsel, Vice
Provost for Research, various deans for research
Consultation, expertise, drafting of language, advocacy for
policies in support of public access.
Office of Sponsored Awards Management
Office of Sponsored Projects Library brought existence of NIH mandate to attention of
Office of Sponsored Projects and suggested strategy to
comply with it provided online resources to OSP to aid its
understanding of the issues.
Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic
Affairs, Office for Research and Sponsored Projects
Administration, and Office of General Counsel
UCI Office of Research Administration Collaboration/partnership between the Libraries and the
Office of Research Administration.
Vice Chancellor for Research (which oversees the Office of
Sponsored Research)
We raise awareness with departmental libraries and library
liaisons and will talk with faculty who have questions about
the policy.
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