22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Organization of PAP Compliance Activities
5. Which individual or group has primary responsibility for coordinating and/or planning the library’s
activities to support authors’ compliance with PAPs? Check the one item below that best describes
the organizational structure. N=51
A combination of the individuals and/or groups below 25 49%
A single individual working as a PAP activities coordinator 7 14%
A standing committee(s)/team(s) that is charged with coordinating PAP activities 7 14%
An ad hoc committee that is charged with coordinating PAP activities 4 8%
Each librarian who works with authors who are subject to PAP compliance 3 6%
Other organizational structure 5 10%
Selected Comments from Respondents
Standing Committee
The University of California Libraries have a Scholarly Communication Officers Group that conceives and supports
strategies and methods to advance the UC Libraries’ scholarly communication agenda. Members of this group
coordinate the implementation of these programs at the campus level. At the UCI campus, the UCI NIH Group is the
local committee that addresses these issues.
Ad hoc Committee
Ad hoc committee: refers to two Projects: Institutional Repository Scholarly Communications Planning in progress
for operationalizing. Contact: AUL, Collections &Scholarly Communications.
We have an ad hoc committee that is coordinated by a single person.
Each liaison librarian is responsible for working their authors, however, one individual is responsible for being the
go-to guru on all aspects. In addition, the group that oversees the institutional repository also can get involved,
when needed.
The Health Sciences Library director worked with the School of Medicine’s Associate Dean for Research
Administration and the University’s Office of Sponsored Projects Administration in developing the PAP support
The Scholarly Communications Committee Associate University Librarian for Collections.
There is a single Scholarly Communication Librarian who is responsible for coordinating the library’s activities
but the library liaisons are working with their academic department faculty to educate them about public access
We all rely heavily on expertise and services developed and offered at the medical library there is a scholarly
communications group which has some coordinating activity but mostly the medical library takes the lead.
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