SPEC Kit 311: Public Access Policies  ·  25
Standing Committee/Team Charged with Coordinating PAP Activities
9. Please provide the following information about the standing committee/team: name of standing
committee/team, position title of standing committee/team leader, number of standing
committee/team members. N=7
Standing Committee/Team Name Committee/Team Leader Members
Research Services subgroup Professional Librarian, MSLIS 5
Scholarly Communication Committee Across
Chief Officer of Collections and Scholarly Communication 6
Scholarly Communications Committee IDEALS Coordinator (Digital Repository Manager) 8
Scholarly Communications Committee Director of Scholarly Communications and Instructional
Scholarly Communications Group of the University
Libraries Council
Chair 6
UCI NIH Group AUL for Collections 7
N/A N/A 2
10. For which of the following PAP activities is the standing committee/team responsible? Check all
that apply. N=7
Develops resources/programs to expand awareness of PAPs 7 100%
Monitors PAP developments on the local/regional/national/international level 6 86%
Consults with authors and/or their support staff on PAP compliance needs 6 86%
Develops/coordinates services to help authors and/or their support staff comply
with PAPs 4 57%
Coordinates library staff PAP training activities 4 57%
Provides mediated deposit for authors 1 14%
Other PAP activity 1 14%
Please specify other PAP activity.
Proposal to mandate archiving of faculty scholarship
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