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Service 1 Service 2 Service 3
One-to-one consultation right now.
However, if we had provided our group
training sessions just a couple of
months later than we had, the group
training sessions would have worked
better. At the time, the faculty were not
ready to track on the changes to the
NIH and other public access policies.
They are now. We are working to have
another group session on public access
Personal consultations Customized presentations Web site and related materials
Personal responses to telephone or
e-mail inquiries
Presentations. When we have presented
to groups or individuals on the NIH
Public Access Policy, we have been
asked pointed questions and have had
the sense that the information we are
providing is practical and useful.
Web site: It is nice to have more
detailed information available to which
we can point people. We received a
few e-mailed questions about the NIH
Public Access Policy around the time it
was enacted, but have not received any
feedback since then.
Reference Manager and EndNote
Publishers’ policies about complying
with the NIH Public Access mandate.
These are constantly changing and
need to be checked at the time of
manuscript submission.
Quick ways to capture the PMC ID
[PubMed Central ID] for inclusion
in NIH progress reports and grant
proposals. Articles are made public
in PubMed Central on wildly varying
schedules some instantly, some
3 months after publication, some 12
months after publication, some 24+
months after publication. This means
that PI’s published articles need to be
checked at the time the progress report
or grant application is filed very
Referring faculty to the University
Libraries’ NIH Web site
Directly answering e-mails and offering
mediated help with NIH submission
Referrals to appropriate source or
Consultations (explaining policies, IR) Workshops on scholarly
communications for staff and authors
Researching publisher deposit policies Mediated deposit a NIH PMC
Same as in previous question
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