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SMARTech Mission and Collection Policy
SMARTech Mission and Collection Policy
http://smartech.gatech.edu/policy[10/5/11 11:38:29 AM]
When an item’s format is public and open as is the case with formats such as Adobe PDF, HTML, JPEG, or AIFF
it is categorized as a “Supported format.” Items in this category can be used in the future through migration or
emulation and the Library makes a commitment to do so.
Adobe PDF (pdf)
XML (xml)
HTML (html, htm)
Rich Text (rtf)
Text (txt)
Post Script (ps, eps, ai)
GIF (gif)
PNG (png)
JPEG (jpg, jpeg)
TIFF (tif, tiff)
WAV (wav)
MPEG (mpa, abs, mpeg)
AIFF (aiff, aif, aifc)
When an item is submitted in a proprietary format it is categorized as “Known.” This category indicates that the
specifics of the program code for that format are not public but the format is so widely used that the ability to
use it in the future is almost certain.
RealAudio (ra, ram)
Basic (au, snd)
Microsoft Excel (xls)
Microsoft Project (mpp, mpx, mpd)
Microsoft Visio (vsd)
FileMaker/FMP3 (fm)
LateX (latex)
Mathematica (ma)
Tex (tex)
TeXdvi (dvi)
Video Quicktime (mov, qt)
BMP (bmp)
Adobe Photoshop (pdd, psd)
Microsoft Powerpoint (ppt)
Photo CD (pcd)
Microsoft Word (doc)
WordPerfect (wpd)
SGML (sgml)
“Unsupported” formats are those that the Library can not commit to converting to some usable form in the
future. In consultation with the depositor, a decision will be made as to including the item in SMARTech and if it
is accepted, readable descriptive information will be included. In the case of unsupported formats, the Library
will request that the item also be submitted in a supported or known format, if it is at all possible to do so.
Materials can be deposited into SMARTech in two main ways. The Library can receive permission from the
submitter to deposit the material for them. The submitter is also able to deposit materials themselves: training
from the library is available.
Materials in SMARTech are considered permanent in nature. However, items raising legal issues, containing
plagiarized content, or considered breaches of confidentiality may be considered for withdrawal. To avoid loss of
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