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Florida Digital Archive (FDA) Policy and Procedures Guide
The mission of the Florida Digital Archive (FDA) is to provide a cost-effective,
long-term preservation repository for digital materials in support of teaching and
learning, scholarship, and research in the state of Florida.
In support of this mission, the FDA guarantees that all files deposited by
agreement with its Affiliates remain available, unaltered, and readable from
media. For supported formats, the FDA will maintain a usable version using the
best format migration tools available.
Planning for the FDA began in 2001 in response to the perceived need of the
directors of the libraries of the public universities of Florida to ensure the
permanent availability of digital library materials such as electronic dissertations.
Development was expedited by the award in 2002 of a three-year grant from the
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which concluded in September,
In order to implement the FDA, FCLA staff designed and developed the DAITSS
application (Dark Archive in the Sunshine State). In November, 2005, an early
version of the DAITSS application that lacked dissemination and withdrawal
functions went into production for the Florida Digital Archive. In December 2006
the first version of DAITSS with all major planned functionality was completed.
The software was released as open source under the GPL license in 2007. In
April 2011 a wholly rearchitected and recoded version of DAITSS was installed
as DAITSS 2.
The technical design, procedures and policies of the FDA are based on OAIS -
Open Archival Information System Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003) and on
ongoing work to define and certify trusted digital repositories, including Trusted
Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities (RLG May 2002), the
RLG/NARA Audit Checklist for Certifying Digital Repositories (RLG August
2005), and Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist
(NARA, et al., February 2007).
The FDA is run by the Florida Center for Library Automation, a system-wide
center of the state universities attached to the University of Florida
for administrative purposes. It is under the administrative control of the Director
of FCLA.
The FCLA Advisory Board acts as the Advisory Board of the FDA,
recommending policy decisions to the FCLA Director. The FCLA Advisory Board
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