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JHU Data Management Services
JHU Data Management Services | Research support enabled by Data Conservancy
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JHU Data Management Services
Research support enabled by Data Conservancy
Effective Data Management
JHU researchers: contact a data management consultant for help specific to your data management
plan. The NSF now requires that all proposals submitted must include a data management plan.
Successful proposals will be expected to execute that data management plan. Effective data
management can significantly impact how projects operate and deliver in research environments.
The JHU Data Management Services (JHU DMS), offered by the Sheridan Libraries, has been set up to help alleviate this burden from the
researcher, freeing up valuable time and resources so you can focus on your research. JHU DMS offers direct support for data management
planning and assists with the generation of Data Management plans. JHU DMS, backed by the Data Conservancy, provides a state-of-the-art
digital archive for both short-term and long-term data archiving. For information specific to your grant proposal and NSF
directorate, contact your Data Management Consultant.
Explore the links below for specifics about the NSF data management requirements and the services available to you as JHU researchers:
What is data management?
What data management planning means for you in terms of NSF grants?
What kinds of information does a data management plan cover?
Where can I archive my data?
What services are available?
Overview of people involved in data management who can help me
About the JHU Data Management Services
What are the implications?
Legal and ethical issues
This service is managed by the Data Conservancy and the Entrepreneurial Library Program
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