SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 21
Director, Libraries Digital Program; Director, Preservation and Digital Conversion; Digital Preservation Steering
Committee (to be formed).
Head, Special Collections.
Information Technology, Special Collections & Archives, Collection Development, and Preservation departments.
IT, Digital Projects, Preservation Committee.
Library Administration, Head of Library Systems, and Head, Digital Initiatives.
Library Digital Programs and Entrepreneurial Library Program.
Office of Digital Initiatives & Open Access.
Office of Strategic Initiatives and Library Services Preservation Directorate.
Our activities are distributed, as are responsibilities. Policy decisions are ultimately approved by Administration. In
this particular instance, the policy was developed and reviewed by the Digital Repository Steering Committee and
Preservation Program Advisory Committee.
Our Digital Library Team.
Our Institutional Development Repository Team and its successors.
Our team of librarians and IT professionals that make up our Digital Library Initiatives Group.
Our University Libraries have a Cyber Infrastructure Working Group through which all policies are reviewed and
approved before implementation.
Preservation Department and Digital Library Services.
Preservation Librarian, Director of Special Collections, IR Committee.
Primary responsibility: 2 virtual libraries with other parts of IT department and a review committee made up of
interested faculty and staff.
Related leadership responsibilities are shared among a handful of positions and development of the campus institutional
repository is the primary driver for current work on digital preservation policy. The Electronic Records Archivist chairs the
library planning committee and the implementation group for the campus IR. The Head of the Preservation Department
wrote the existing policy, is a member of the library’s IR planning committee and convenes the preservation component
of the implementation group.
Scholarly Resources, Data Librarians, Center for Southwest Research, E-Scholarship committee, and Library Information
Specific roles around digital preservation have not been clearly defined, but the Archives, Scholarly Communication
and Digital Services, and Systems department have been collaborating to preserve digital content using preservation
repository systems, for example Archives-managed dark archive (DSpace), SCDS-managed institutional repository
(DSpace), and through harvesting of our digital collections and IR in MetaArchive.
To Be Determined.
The development of digital preservation policies is coordinated by the Digital Preservation Strategist who resides in the
Libraries IT Division. Additional participation by internal and external stakeholders is expected and final approval given
by leadership and administration.
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