SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 123
University of British Columbia
COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia
University of Calgary
University of Manitoba
University of Saskatchewan
Univers ity of Victoria
University of Winnipeg
COPPUL PLN content currently being preserved
COPPUL PLN c ontent preserved August 19, 2011.doc
COPPUL Member Collections for Possible LOCKSS Inclusion
A lis ting of collections , from each COPPUL member ins tiution, that are pos s ible candidates for pres ervation by the COPPUL
Private LOCKSS Network.
COPPUL LOCKSS Collection Policy
University of Alberta LOCKSS Collection Policy
Governance Policy
COPPUL PLN Governanc e Polic y_finalAug09.doc
COPPUL LOCKSS Implementation Group and Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
minutesDec 7.doc
minutes Jan21.doc
minutes Mar6_08.doc
minutes April10_08.doc
minutes May22_08.doc
minutes June25_08.doc
minutes _Aug21_08.doc
LOCKSS_minutes _Sept_18.doc
LOCKSS_minutes _Oct_28.doc
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