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Lifecycle Data Management Planning
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Plan for it!
Throughout this guide you will find tips, recommendations, and prompts that will help you write a Data Management Plan for your
research project. These recommendations are meant to address the primary concerns of grant funding agencies, but they will likely inform
practice and policy in your own research environment whether or not you are writing for a grant. This guide is an attempt to highlight
and allow researchers to answer the questions raised in the Interagency Working Group on Digital Data to the Committee on Science of
the National Science and Technology Council's report "Harnessing the Power of Digital Data for Science and Society" (January 2009) by
mapping such concerns to the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Version 3.0 Combined Lifecycle Model. This guide is intended for MSU
students, faculty, administrators and colleagues.
Your Data Management Plan will need to cater to your research, domain, and available resources. However, any project which generates a
significant amount of digital research data should include a Data Management Plan.
General DMP Template:
A general description of the data
A claim that expresses the value and impact of these data
A specific description of the content and format of data
identification (filenameing)
data format
data fidelity
metadata standards
metadata quality
Any provisions for protection of data
intellectual property
Any restrictions on access
levels of access
A specific description of the preservation environment
short term storage
long term storage
Provisions for transfer of responsibility
succession planning
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