SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 23
Archival/library literature on digital preservation. Existing digital preservation policies online. Standards documents.
List-servs. Twitter feeds of those involved in digital preservation. Interviews with individuals outside of the organization
involved in digital preservation.
Audit materials (TRAC, DRAMBORA), Digital Curation Tool from the DCC, curation lifecycle model.
Best practices and other documentation from other, prominent national and academic libraries.
Best practices at other research libraries.
California Digital Libraries, other institution’s policies, workshops, and webinars.
Department of Digital Scholarship and Programs staff, Department of Preservation staff, central IT server infrastructure,
Existing preservation policy, external digipres policies, existing repository specific policies.
HathiTrust, CIC libraries, and similar institutions that already have written policies.
Information from the DCC and JISC in the UK, work done by CDL, articles in DLIB.
Institutional peer review and professional literature.
IR: http://smartech.gatech.edu/policy; Archives: http://library.gatech.edu/archives/forms/Collection_Policy.pdf.
JISC Digital Preservation Policies Study and the many policies it cites as well as the digital repository policies for Cornell
University, University of Illinois, Johns Hopkins, University of Michigan, and others.
Literature on digital preservation policies; examples of digital preservation policies in place at other institutions; best
practices for digital preservation.
MetaArchive Cooperative’s Preservation Committee’s work.
NLM’s Collection Development Manual, Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC), policies developed by
pre-eminent external institutions.
OAIS Framework, ICPSR Workshop materials (specifically the Action Plans), other higher education institutions with
established digital preservation programs/policies.
OAIS Model.
OAIS, TRAC, DRAMBORA, NSF data management guidelines, other institutions’ policies, consortial policies.
Other libraries policies and practices, national and international standards.
Other libraries’ published policies; TRAC checklist.
Other repositories’ policies, preservation standards and best practices for different formats, workshops offered by
professional organizations, professional literature.
Our policy basically put the existing practices of the unit into writing.
Peer policies, including entities such as ICPSR, Data Asset Framework.
Policies from other ARL libraries and resources from the MetaArchive Cooperative.
Policies from other institutions.
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