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Improving the Library’s Preservation Role
40. What types of services would your library find valuable for improving its role in preserving digital
content? Check all that apply. N=59
Standards/best practices 48 81%
Digital preservation planning 45 76%
Policy considerations/recommendations 44 75%
Technical training 42 71%
Conversion/migration services 36 61%
Appraisal & selection training 28 48%
Theory training 20 34%
Other service 10 17%
Please specify the other service.
Affordable and practical external audit.
Any of these could be useful, depending on contents/structure.
Clarification of role of libraries in preserving 3rd party data.
Clear benchmarks/articulated metrics to evaluate our progress.
External services to provide ongoing, real time format validation, transformation, and migration.
Grant writing.
It would be very helpful if institutions that already have preservation policies would be willing to share them.
Management: building momentum to initiate a digital preservation program. Project management training.
Many of our digital resources lack good (or often any) metadata. While it is important to create and preserve not only
the digital objects, but also their descriptive, technical, administrative, rights, etc. metadata, we have hundreds of
thousands of digital resources. We need help in strategizing how to overcome this daunting amount of work.
Models enabling us to estimate resource requirements so we can weigh them against the benefits.
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