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Digital Content Being Preserved
If your library is planning to invest in the preservation of any digital content, please answer as
many of the following questions as possible based on your current plans.
3. Please indicate which types of digital content (digitized or born-digital) your library is investing in
(planning to invest in) for the purpose of digital preservation. Check all that apply. N=61
Digitized special collections 56 92%
Still images 55 90%
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) 54 89%
Audio materials 51 84%
Moving images 50 82%
Research data or datasets (e.g., engineering, architectural, geospatial, etc.) 50 82%
Mass digitized collections 42 69%
Any art or visual materials with a database or digital component 36 59%
Licensed materials (e.g., e-journals, databases, etc.) 36 59%
Library or IT-hosted web resources (e.g., institutional websites,
discussion lists, scholarly portals, etc.) 32 53%
Administrative records (e.g., Word documents, spreadsheets,
databases, e-mails, etc.) 30 49%
Web-harvested materials (e.g., externally hosted websites,
discussion lists, scholarly portals, etc.) 27 44%
Applications, operating systems, or other software 13 21%
Computer games 6 10%
Other content 7 12%
Please specify the other content.
As of yet we have no concrete plans, just desires.
By the end of the summer we will be managing data/datasets & ETDs. By the beginning of April we will be collecting
open access scholarly works form faculty. Our focus is on preservation & access.
Current newspaper content.
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