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SMARTech Mission and Collection Policy
SMARTech Mission and Collection Policy
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Mission and Collection Policy
Statement of Purpose
The Scholarly Communication and Digital Services Department is charged with building effective, dynamic
knowledge management and research systems to preserve and provide access to the intellectual output of
Georgia Tech. Its responsibilities include identifying, assessing, collecting, preserving, providing access, and
making this output more valuable through digital information technologies, whether “born-digital” or convertible
to digital formats. The Department provides these resources and services in support of the research and
educational endeavors of the Georgia Tech community and to scholars around the world.
Collecting Priorities: Subject Areas and Forms of Intellectual Output
The Scholarly Communication and Digital Services Department’s collecting areas reflect the major areas of
research of the Georgia Tech campus, especially Science and Engineering. Effort is concentrated on those areas
with national rankings and emerging significance. Materials range from traditional scholarly publications through
materials created in support of classroom teaching. Through survey of the Institute’s Web presence, personal
interviews, or contact, materials are identified, investigated in light of content, technical, and legal
considerations, and solicited/collected from the departments.
Centers of Excellence
U.S. News & World Report 2006 America’s Best Colleges and America’s Best Graduate Schools editions provides
us with a ranking guide to Georgia Tech’s exceptional research and educational centers on campus. This, used in
conjunction with patent awards and dollar amounts of sponsored research projects leads us to our primary
collecting areas.
Computer Engineering
Environmental/Environmental Health
Computer Engineering
Public Affairs
Information and Technology Management
Computer Science
Computer Science Systems
Applied Mathematics
Areas recognized as Research Initiatives for an Enhanced Research Enterprise at Georgia Tech : ¹
Nanoscience and technology
Bioscience and technology
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