SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 69
Digital Repository Solution
If you indicated above that your library is using a library-managed digital archive/repository (such
as DAITSS, Archivematica, iRODS, etc.), please answer the following questions.
36. If your library is planning to invest in digital preservation, do you plan to manage a digital archive/
repository that is intended to support preservation functions? N=38
Yes 34 90%
No 4 10%
37. Please identify the perceived willingness of various groups within your institution to deposit their
digital content with your library’s digital repository solution(s) for preservation purposes. N=33
Willingness scale: Very Willing (no barriers to deposit), Mostly Willing (minor barriers to deposit, but mostly negotiable),
Indifferent (not actively seeking deposit), Mostly Unwilling (major barriers to deposit, but may be negotiable), Very
Unwilling (major barriers to deposit, non-negotiable).
Institutional Group N Very
Indifferent Mostly
Academic units 32 3 13 14 2
Administrative units 31 4 9 15 2 1
Data Centers 30 10 16 2 2
Other unit(s) 10 3 4 3
Number of Responses 33 9 21 23 4 2
Please specify the “Other unit(s).”
Very Willing
Colleges, Departments, Institutes, Centers, and others.
We are working with the NIH Library and our own History of Medicine Division to deposit to the repository and they are
very willing contributors.
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