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University of British Columbia
COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network
LOCKSS_minutes _Dec5.doc
LOCKSSminutes _Jan22_09.doc
Mar_09_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes .doc
Apr_15_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes .doc
May_21_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes .doc
June_22_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes .doc
July_23_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes .doc
Aug_20_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes .doc
Sept_24_09_COPPUL_LOCKSS_Minutes _draft.doc
COPPUL LOCKSS Nov 23 minutes _final.docx
COPPUL_LOCKSS_PLN_SC_meeting_Minutes _Feb_11_2010.docx
June 25, 2010 COPPUL LOCKSS Minutes Revis ed.doc
Augus t 26, 2010 COPPUL LOCKSS Minutes .doc
October 1, 2010 COPPUL PLN Minutes .doc
November 4, 2010 COPPUL LOCKSS Minutes .doc
December 6, 2010 approved minutes .doc
Feb14_11 2011 COPPUL PLN approved minutes .doc
March 14, 2011 COPPUL LOCKSS approved minutes .doc
April 18 2011 COPPUL PLN approved minutes .docx
May 16 2011 COPPUL PLN approved minutes .docx
June 13 2011 COPPUL LOCKSS approved minutes .doc
COPPUL Report for the Directors’ meeting, September 2010
COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network report Sept 2010.doc
COPPUL PLN report for March 2011 directors meeting.docx
COPPUL LOCKSS Implementation Background
Collections GroupReportSept2007rev.doc
Space Requirements Report
coppul_pln_locks s _s pace_requirements _report.doc
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