74  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
The libraries are responsible for establishing guidelines for the retention of the university’s digital records but
preservation of the content has for now been delegated to individuals and units.
The library is a participant of the COPPUL LOCKSS PLN. We are also implementing Archivematica this year.
The library seeks to complement rather the duplicate the preservation activities of the University Archives.
We are a partner in HathiTrust, LOCKSS Alliance, CLOCKSS. Archive-It is used for preservation of institutional websites.
Local digital preservation capability is being built using our Fedora-based digital library repository in conjunction with
a 5.7 petabyte archival storage system run by central IT. We envision using this system as the primary preservation
repository for materials that cannot be accommodated by the external/collaborative efforts in which we are
We are uncertain of the balance that will be needed between locally developed solutions and external preservation
services. How many web archives do we need nationally/internationally? Already, we are “outsourcing” some of our
long-term preservation responsibilities to HathiTrust. Is this a viable solution for other kinds of content? We are actively
developing new systems and services to allow electronic archives to be ingested, preserved, and made accessible.
We could not answer the questions in the survey because, as mentioned at the beginning, we are in the process of very
preliminary discussions in advance of planning. We know that we will be committing to digital preservation.
We do have an IR, but it’s currently only being used for scholarly research.
We have a digital curation services unit, in addition to the institutional repository and the Google Book Project, but the
work of that unit is still in development. Thus we could not answer many of these questions at this time.
We have known for some time the importance of digital preservation. But the costs and magnitude of the endeavor is
discouraging. We aren’t giving up, but will continue to plan and hope to have an economical solution relatively soon.
We have no current plans due to staffing and equipment shortages. We lack skilled staff dedicated to these initiatives,
money, and university buy-in. Other stakeholders do not understand what we are trying to communicate regarding this.
We participate in the OhioLINK DRC and digital materials are archived there, but are not being curated or preserved to
our knowledge.
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