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If you answered Increase or Decrease, please explain.
A number of our FTEs, who may only work on DP issues in a limited capacity now, will soon become more involved due
to the nature of the job in front of us. And the job in front of us will have little chance of success without an increase
in funding. It’s too soon to say whether that increased need for funding would go towards staff positions such as
programmers/system administrators or whether it would go to purchasing management software.
Additional staff are being hired to develop our digital repository which will increase the number of digital objects and
metadata needing to be preserved. We have also just received a grant and have another one under consideration
which may increase funding. However, new library administration will increase funding for digital curation, including
As digital collections grow, staff time needed to manage them will need to increase.
As our efforts become more robust and fundamental to our mission, they will inevitably require additional support from
all three resource categories.
As part of our strategic plan it is acknowledged that digital preservation will be a significant commitment we will make
and that adequate resourcing will need to follow.
As the library’s digital collections grow in size and diversity, so too will the need for staff working in all aspects of digital
preservation. While ingest should become more thoroughly automated, it seems likely that for some time to come
collections will require a lot of pre-ingest work. Similarly, the work associated with initial development of the library’s
digital preservation infrastructure and procedures should decrease but in any three year span some components of the
preservation ecology will change and require renewed administrative and technical investment. Within the next three
years the library should also be ready to undertake some form of external audit, which will also require a substantial
time commitment as well.
Budget cuts and increase in the digital assets the team is responsible for.
Continued university commitment.
Creating, collecting, providing access to, and preserving digital resources is a strategic initiative in the Libraries, and we
are investing in this effort.
Digital preservation is (will continue to be) a high priority strategic initiative in the next three years.
Expect to hire staff with preservation expertise, and use some IT time to develop preservation platform.
Hopefully, digital preservation policies will be in place by next year, demonstrating the need for a sustained effort which
would require increased staff, time and funding.
In addition to NSF award continuing for next three years, we anticipate additional investment through library base
operations (e.g., hiring of a new archivist focused on electronic records).
It’s hard to predict an increase in our funding/budget situation going forward given the current climate. As a result, we
can only be pessimistic for purposes of this survey and expect the worse: further budget cuts or at best, level funding.
We do continue to actively pursue research grant opportunities, however.
More funds will be “redirected” from physical conservation/preservation toward the digital.
More resources will be required to move effectively into preservation of research data.
New grant positions expected; grant funding expected; repurposing of current staff time toward digital preservation.
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