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Please describe the other strategy.
Currently, we are organizing and backing up digital assets in-house with no managed repository aimed at DP in use yet.
We’re in the investigative stage at this time.
Developing new infrastructure through NSF award for Data Conservancy.
Development in-house of our own repository software, which is open source and available to others.
Partnership with non-profits, e.g., Internet Archive.
Storing processed and raw files on a locally hosted, backed-up server.
Texas Digital Library PresNet.
The master PDFs are duplicated in CONTENTdm as part of our normal delivery workflow. They are also stored on long
lasting physical storage.
Using Rosetta and FileNet with other entities in our consortium.
We are storing files on a file server with rudimentary digital preservation measures in place and are investigating more
robust options for a more comprehensive digital preservation environment.
We not only participate in HathiTrust, we are essential for its fundamental operations and ongoing development.
17. How satisfied is the library with the strategies currently used? Check all that apply. N=49
Satisfaction scale: Very Satisfied (no complaints), Mostly Satisfied (infrequent problems, yet no major complaints),
Neutral (working fine, but open to alternatives), Mostly Unsatisfied (major recurring problems, looking seriously at
alternatives), Very Unsatisfied (ready to change strategies immediately).
N Very
Neutral Mostly
Using a library-managed digital archive/
repository (such as DAITSS, Archivematica,
iRODS, etc.)
22 6 9 6 2
Collaborating with other administrative
and/or technical units in the institution
14 5 2 6 2
Using a vendor-based, hosted solution
(Portico, etc.)
14 4 5 6
Participating a collaborative, hosted
solution (HathiTrust, etc.)
12 4 4 5
Participating in a collaborative, participatory
solution (MetaArchive, etc.)
14 6 5 4
Other strategy 10 3 1 4 3
Number of Responses 48 18 23 16 7 0
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