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Pennsylvania State University
Digital Collections Curator
Digital  Collections  Curator                 
The Digital Collections Curator plays a key role in the further development of our electronic
content stewardship and publishing programs. These programs will be developed through a
strategic and dynamic partnership between the Penn State Libraries and Information
Technology Services (ITS). The Digital Collections Curator will lead the Libraries’ efforts to
develop and plan user focused services that enable the effective creation, sharing,
discovery, and use of digital content in support of research, teaching and learning. The
Digital Collections Curator collaborates extensively with colleagues throughout the Libraries
and ITS to achieve his or her objectives. The Curator will report to the Assistant Dean for
Scholarly Communications who also oversees Digitization and Preservation, Scholarly
Communications Services, and the Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing. This is a tenure
line appointment.
Responsibilities will include:
Lead development of an inclusive, user-focused agenda for digital scholarly content
Investigate, recommend, and develop plans for user-focused and repository- based
services to effectively manage the sustainable creation, collection and distribution of
high-value digital scholarly content.
Manage a broad set of existing digital collections and repository content, including:
reformatted materials (images, books, newspapers, manuscripts, etc), publication
related content (journals, conference proceedings, monographs, hybrid formats, post
& pre-prints, working papers, etc), as well as the potential and emerging needs for
data collections in a wide array of disciplines.
Research and develop in-depth knowledge of new and emerging technologies,
relevant national standards, and best practices, in order to assess and promote their
integration into local operations as appropriate.
Serve on standing working groups and committees related to web functionality and
digital content creation and management.
Communicate effectively with internal stakeholders in the areas of collections &
public services, technical services, information technologies, and scholarly
Promote and report on Penn State’s activities through conference and workshop
presentations, written publications.
Represent Penn State in relevant professional contexts and engage with national and
consortial peers to identify and/or carry out mutually beneficial partnerships.
Master’s degree in library and/or information science, or advanced degree in relevant
academic field.
Should have 3 years work related to the creation, management, and provision of
electronic data resources in a higher education environment.
Should demonstrate strong organizational and/or process management abilities.
Should demonstrate familiarity with developing trends in higher education
information management, including, but not limited to: Cyberinfrastructure
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