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In the future, we might have a more directed and focused strategy than we currently have.
Increased repository size and additional funding acquired to support the initiative.
Its not an “either or” proposition, it is an “and both” ideology.
NLM is the process of joining Portico.
Our CONTENTdm solution provides at least one level of replication. However our concern is that CONTENTdm’s actual
purpose is *not* digital preservation. It is only offering us duplication of our files as a side effect.
Services will improve; we will have defined our own needs and capabilities more precisely.
The collaborative approach will have multiple other effects.
The future strategy will include ensuring that the library’s repository meets the requirements for a trustworthy digital
repository. We anticipate that it will take several years for us to achieve this goal.
The library is leading efforts now and is collaborating with Campus IT to extend the model to a broader constituent base
on campus.
The potential for using HathiTrust for image collections is something the library would like to investigate in the wake of
the project from the University of Minnesota.
There will be more shared goals and knowledge, which will move toward a more shared solution.
Third party services will probably be required to effectively manage growing number of items.
View the preservation of this type of content as something multiple nodes might preserve in a preservation network.
We anticipate expanding our digital collections.
We are looking into a more sustainable preservation strategy.
We are using ProQuest for our ETDs.
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