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11. How does your library fund its investments in digital preservation? Check all that apply. N=58
General operating budget 48 83%
IT budget 36 62%
Grants or awards 36 62%
Materials budget 22 38%
Dedicated preservation budget 20 35%
Gifts or endowments 20 35%
Other source of funding 6 10%
Please specify the other source of funding.
Central IT investment in storage, digital libraries, digital repositories, and data curation services.
Part of the student fee for electronic theses and dissertations goes towards digital preservation of these materials.
Student technology fees.
To Be Determined.
This is currently in flux because of several changes in the way technology fees are allocated. Currently, many of these
sources may be used. In the future, a single source may be available and designated for this.
If your library is currently investing in the preservation of digital content, please continue to the
Digital Preservation Trends section.
If your library is planning to invest in the preservation of digital content, but is not currently doing
so, please click below, then click the Next button to jump to the Local Digital Preservation
Activities section.
Planning to invest in the preservation of digital content N=9
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